Stock Sizes Available 600mm to 3m lengths

Often referred to as UC which stands for Universal Column, we stock the TetraWal™ system as it is highly regarded for its superior quality, strength and longevity. The TetraWal™ galvanised steel posts are backed by a 5 year strength and corrosion guarantee. The silver appearance is heavy duty hot dipped, anti-corrosion coating, ensuring the ends are fully protected from corrosion and you are supplied a premium quality product.

There are four components in the TetraWal™ range to allow for flexibility to your retaining wall:-

H Section – C Section – 90⁰ Corner Section – 45⁰ Angle Section

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Australian galvanised product
  • 5 Year strength & corrosion guarantee
  • Superior quality heavy duty anti corrosion coating
  • Strength & longevity
  • Custom Sizes available
  • Can be painted to match sleepers

Post with Fence bracket

Stepdown Post 200mm

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