Available in Charcoal and Brown


The Ghan concrete railway sleeper have been specially commissioned and faithfully reproduced by our main supplier Australian Concrete Enterprises Pty Ltd. These stunning beauties make history come alive with your very own piece of this living classic.

The Ghan sleepers offer intricate detailing complete with pin holes and rails markings, an exact impression of a Ghan railway sleeper. The dramatic texture of this sleeper emulates character, warmth and charm similar to that of a timber product with the added benefit of strength and durability of a concrete product and is backed with a 50 year guarantee.

The Ghan concrete sleepers are a standout winner and a clever choice amongst our landscape designers, builders and local councils for many reasons, here are just a handful:

  1. Look like a traditional old style railway sleepers
  2. Offers the charm and warmth of a timber product
  3. Durability, they are built to last a lifetime and come with a 50 Year Guarantee
  4. Fire and termite-proof
  5. Will not rot or warp


2 meters in length x 200 mm in height x 80mm in thickness
2 meters in length x 200 mm in height x 100 mm in thickness

Available in charcoal colour & brown

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